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We really value giving your voice a place to be heard. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

The link below invites you to share your experiences of Lift and Live or see if our service may be right for you.


Andy has been incredible during our time together, I felt really comfortable with talking about my mental health which is something I’ve never really known how to do so this is a testament to Andy’s amazing work and the trust I put into him. 


Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Andy for all his amazing support! Andy has been fantastic with helping get my mental health back on track and has been so compassionate, kind and understanding throughout each session. I cannot recommend Andy enough for both counselling sessions and hypnotherapy.


Andy has been wonderful to work with, he has helped me work through some trauma, verbalising my issues, as well as being present with me and creating a safe and warm space enabling me to bring my authentic self to the sessions, using the person centred approach effectively.


I recently had a hypnotherapy session with Lift and Live, to help with my insomnia. The counsellor was very calming and I immediately felt totally relaxed and at ease. During the session, I found myself starting to unwind for the first time in a very long time.


I had received hypnotherapy to help with general relaxation during a stressful time. It gave me a moment to centre myself and let things go. I'm beyond impressed with the effects and the therapist behind the work. Thank you so much.


I can’t recommend hypnotherapy enough! Andy was amazing and made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process.
I was really struggling with my body image and my unhealthy eating habits. We spoke and decided weight loss hypnotherapy was the best way forward. It worked absolute wonders!!!


Just woken up...... I can not believe it you are amazing xxx Honestly I am amazed I feel amazing, Kayleigh I just keep smiling I honestly can't believe in my head I thought right go to your happy place.... (baring in mind I didn't even picture a 'happy place' I was just relaxed and trying to go with it Then when I went to have my nap I thought okay try going to your happy place.... next minute I woke up from at 2hr nap! Honestly, I've woken up today just feeling so much more positive.... I know it's not going to fix everything but I'm so glad I've got you to help me through! I had to message you just to tell you that you really have amazed me and I honestly can't Thankyou enough! Xx


The domestic abuse therapy with Kayleigh has been extremely useful for me.

Your empathetic nature and warm presence has really given me

the safe space to confront how the abuse has impacted me over

the years, but at the same time not let it overpower me anymore.

The help I am received from this has made me so much stronger

and no longer intimidated by my perpetrator and I am extremely

thankful to have been given this opportunity to heal.


Hi Kay It was brilliant connecting with you for the past few months. I would like to say thank you so much for the sessions we've had exploring various topics. They've been very helpful & insightful in helping me understand myself more and in disecting situations to come to conclusion equipping me with tools to use on a daily basis!  It's been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your care, your patience & understanding. You are a great listener and brilliant at what you do in your role.


I just wanted to Thankyou Kayleigh for all ur support n guidance, I can honestly say that without ur affirmations as regards to my feelings have truely made me feel like there are no right or wrong answers! You can not help what thoughts enter your brain but you can change how you react to them. There is no magic wand when it comes to anxiety and depression just your own determination to do things that you know help you even if your brain tells you the opposite. You have taught me how to try to calm down whether that is through mindfulness or hypnotherapy it doesn't matter it's the end result that does. I am still work in progress but after suffering with my mental health for 30+ years you have helped me more than anybody else has before. I hope as a service the stigma surrounding poor mental health is one day broken and it'll be just like talking about a broken leg. Thankyou so much Im not wallowing init I am up n about doing the things I know I must do & most importantly live my life! The next chapter in my life began today and it's all thanks to you. I wish you all the best for the future Kayleigh you've been fantastic x


My counselling with Kayleigh was extremely useful and valuable. When I first came to Kayleigh and began the work, I was in an extremely broken and vulnerable place. She made me feel comfortable and provided a safe space for me to open up. Over the course of our time working together she has helped and supported me to dismantle negative beliefs. Kayleigh has allowed the space to help me unpack and understand my emotions and guide me to better manage many themes, that I have come up against. Kayleigh has helped me resurface the much more confident version of myself. Whilst I understand the work on myself is continuous, she has given me the foundations to arrive at situations and emotional experiences with more kindness and belief for myself; to remain authentic in my expression and most importantly to TRUST myself despite how my external world presents itself. Face to face interaction – this was far more effective than previous therapies I have tried (online) it allows for a better connection with each other.


The counselling with Kayleigh has mainly helped me with having an environment to share my experiences/ feelings without worrying about it being used against me or used to manipulate me in some way. It created a safe space, so I don't feel like I'll overshare to the wrong people. I think I had a lot of things I've never been able to discuss with anyone, due to lack of trust and the counselling helped me unbottle a lot of that. It also gave me a lot of perspective on how I deal with social interactions and why I'm so untrusting of others. I honestly have to thank you so much for everything Kayleigh
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